Have A Bite

Have a Bite is pairing the reason many travel, food and top restaurants, with relevant accommodation and transportation.

Travel for food

Most people travel for experiences. Among these are food and gastronomy experiences. Some travel one week to a certain destination, in order to eat their way through. Other go for a shorter trip to experience a certain restaurant and its cuisine. The travels can be for highly rated Michelin restaurants or secluded and isolated small eateries, unknown to the majority. When travelling, accommodation and transportation is a necessity and a mean, in order to enjoy the experiences. 


Have a Bite

No matter the extend of the experience, many hotels and transport services seems to have difficulties to deliver the same service and experience as the restaurants. Those who does, are often small independent operators, and are therefore difficult to identify and find. With Have a Bite the restaurants have the possibility to highlight these operators, in order for their guests to ensure a full experience when visiting a restaurant worth travelling for. 

With Have a Bite the restaurants have the possibility to handpick accommodation and transportation services they want to offer their guests. It gives the guest at the restaurants an experience that extends the dinner one travels for. For the hotel and transportation services they get the chance to be exclusively distributed to an audience ready to book their next travel. 


The story behind

Have a Bite started in 2017 by Marcus Persson, born and raised on the island of Bornholm, Denmark.

Working at Kadeau Bornholm, he experienced how people were willing to travel far for good food and experiences. After booking, the subsequent questions were where to stay and how to get there. 
Travelling and experiencing other restaurants and food experiences, it became clear that the accommodation and transportation prior and after the visit at various restaurants, was not at the same level as the dining experience.

This unfortunately affects the overall impression of the restaurant, why relevant accommodation and transportation is important for restaurants worth travelling for.